Sally - Owner of Tango & Cash

"I have been using Jan's crèche service for 6 years for birthdays, anniversaries, days out and when I have been
poorly. Having recently given birth her service has been invaluable to our family, not only because finding time to walk our Collie Crosses was difficult, but giving me the peace of mind that my furry children were being well looked after and would be given back well walked and contented, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my 'boys'"

Vicky - Owner of Bradley 'Brads'
Despite having two small children, Bradley (my English Springer Spaniel) has always been like my first-born, and as such, only the very best will do; that's why I have no hesitation in sending him to Jan's Dog Crèche, (or playschool as we affectionately call it) as I know he will get all the love and attention that he needs and in fact deserves, a real "home from home".
Gill - Owner of Cally
Cally's been going to Jan's dog crèche every week for 8 years. Its a second home to her and she loves it.
She's made lots of friends, and although she's getting a bit old to play too much, she's happy to sit back on the sofa and watch the younger dogs play!
Cally and I were so lucky to find Jan and don't know what we'd do without her. I can go to work now knowing that she's safe, loved and cared for.

'Darcy Mops'
My Auntie Jan.
When my mum and dad go to work I like to chill out on the sofa and snooze the day away!. But it does get a bit boring - so when my playdays come around I get so excited, I stand by the front door and wag my tail until my mum puts me in the car and takes me to Auntie Jan's! Dog Crèche is great - Auntie Jan is always waiting for a cuddle at the door, but once I've said hello, I cant wait to get inside and see McKinley and the gang. We play all day in the den and go for long walks. Poor mum! when she comes to get me I try to be excited but I'm so tired, all I want is my dinner and to go straight to bed (and dream about my next playday)!

Cheryl & Rob - Owners of Darcy 'Mop'
Rob and I would be lost without Jan and the Dog Crèche - we don't trust many people with our girl but Jan is one of them, and to see how excited Darcy gets when she gets there is great!. The Dog Crèche is a god send to us and we are also very lucky to have made a friend in Jan


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